Andy’s Mobile Auto Repair pricing is significantly lower than our competition due to the fact that our overhead is pretty low without having a fixed location.

We currently charge $50 an hour based upon “book time” for most repairs. Custom repairs or diagnostics are charged at “straight time.”

Book time works like this: most common repairs have a fair labor time published by companies such as Mitchell, Alldata, ShopKey, Chilton, etc. For example, if you need brake pads, the fair labor time to charge is 1.0 hour. You would be charged 1.0 hour at $50 / hour or $50 for labor no matter what. This keeps things fair for customers and technicians. If Jim, a rookie, takes 1.5 hours to complete the repair, then you still only pay $50 labor for the brake job. However, if Bob, a very experienced master technician, repairs the brakes in only 45 minutes, he will still earn 1.0 hour pay and be rewarded for efficient service.

Straight time works like this: a time clock is punched for any time working on the vehicle. The exact amount of time spent on the repair is what you would be charged. If it took 2.50 hours to fix the problem, then the labor charge would be $125 ($50 x 2.50). This labor time method is only used when there is not a published labor time from any of the above companies.